Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The MP4File handles a MP4 file.

The following is a list of the main features of the MP4File library:
* read the MP4 file (ISMA and 3GPP file)
* write the MP4 file (ISMA and 3GPP file)
* selection of the standard to apply according the extension file: 3GPP for the ‘.3gp’ extension, ISMA for the ‘.mp4’ extension
* create and add the hint tracks
* add and delete atoms
* change the properties of an atom
* generate the Session Description Protocol (SDP)
* management of the cache
* management of a MP4 File Factory

The steps to use the library are the following:
* instantiate a MP4File object (MP4File_t mp4File)
* initialize the MP4 file (mp4File. init (pPathName, bUse64Bits, bUseMP4ConsistencyCheck, bToBeModified, sStandard, >Tracer))
* use of the object (mp4File. … ())
* finish of the object (mp4File. finish ())


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