Sunday, August 21, 2005

Status report

Our application just run in nokia 6630.. yey! Though we haven't tried it on the other phones, it's ok we can proceed to the next step at least alam namin na medyo may mapupuntahan na kami. (applause!)

Now, we're looking for someone with nokia 7610. It's not our first priority but sana may makita kami ASAP para matest na rin yung application namin. Pag nagrun yung app namin sa nokia 7610, baka yun na lang bilin namin (IF EVER may pera kami) coz its cheaper. I wonder, kamusta na kaya yung request naming phone sa department.. :D

Next Step: Setup the Server
We decided to use linux as our server since yun yung mas malaking partition sa pc. So we have redhat and debian. kaso when i was just trying to install postgresql as our database daming error na nde ko maintindihan. I tried it again but no to avail. What I am planning is remove na lang yung debian/redhat and mag-install na lang ng fedora. That would be the fastest way I think para maayos na kagad ang server namin.


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